Varnish On King Perth

Varnish On King Perth


Impress Your Guests at Varnish On King

Where are one of the bars punters in Perth go when they need to truly impress? They go to Varnish on King who make it their passion to provide you with the best food available. As the best can change throughout the season, so does the menu, in order to ensure you always have the best. It also ensures that even regular diners will not get bored. Australian par excellence seems to be the name of the game at Varnish on King, with a wide selection of dishes including several vegetarian options. Looking over their menu, it is clear that there is something for everyone. If you have trouble deciding from all the amazing entrées, there is even a special sampler which puts together a menu of 5 different dishes just for you – and according to your dietary requirements as appropriate.


When it comes to quenching your thirst, the whiskey list at Varnish on King is unmatched an they have a solid wine list. Whether you want something fairly safe or something quiet exotic, you will find what you are looking for.

Varnish on King is open Monday to Friday from 11:30 am until Midnight and on Saturdays from 4pm until Midnight. It is closed on Sundays. For bookings of up to six people, you are encouraged to book your table online. Large functions for up to fifty people are also welcome to be scheduled.

Next time you have guests whom you need to impress with the best food Western Australia has to offer, you can’t go wrong with Varnish on King.

7.6 / 10 stars