The West Winds Gin

The West Winds Gin

West Winds is a popular distillery around Perth, WA, Australia and the world. In 2010, four mates came together, an engineer, a cocktail guru, a wine industry pro and a bartender to show the world they could produce gin.

Water is such a large component of making gin and it is fair to say the tap water from WA didn’t cut it for the West Winds distillery, so Margaret River’s finest rainwater is what they use. Based in Margaret river, the West Winds gin experience is a London dry taste, that they refer to as a contemporary Gin of Australia.



Available in 16 countries now with an impending USA “Ginvasion” the West Winds flag is flying high with pride. When asked what the success comes down to, spokesman Jeremy Spencer says “The small bar revolution has allowed us to flourish. We backed ourselves and it is so rewarding to have a lot of our mates and friends in the industry back our quality products.”

West Winds has four products currently in production:

-the Sabre which is a London Dry
-the Cutlass which is a big bold savoury
-the Broadside which is an intense ‘navy strength’
-the limited edition ‘Captains Cut’ at an explosive 63% ABV

What’s quite unique with West Winds gin is it is a savoury gin, similar to a London dry gin ad with native bush tomatoes and fresh coriander. “The Nation has matured and palate evolved. Consumers are a lot more savvy,” correctly points out Jeremy. “Cocktails continue to rise, and with this the consumer is gaining more exposure to quality spirits and venturing into entertaining guests drinking at home with quality Australian produced offerings.” With the cellar door opening this year, West Winds Gin is a distillery to keep hot on your radar.

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8.4 / 10 stars