Perth Undiscovered, Q+A

Perth Undiscovered
Cinta Jebsworth runs Perth Undiscovered, an emerging Fashion and Food blog. We ran the Q+A template by her to gain some insight into her knowledge of the Perth scene and were provided with the following enjoyable, helpful and visually pleasing read.
What do you like most about food?
That it brings people together whether it be the chef and a patron, a family dinner, catching up with friends or just sharing your food experience with someone.
dark n stormy, The Classroom
Dark ‘n’ Stormy, The Classroom. North Perth.


What are your favourite dishes to cook at home?
Curries any and all of them!

Rose & Pizza at Venn, King St Perth

Rose & Pizza. Venn. King St, Perth. 

What are your top five restaurants in Perth?

Umm how does one decide! I have to go with what I’m craving in the moment so this list will be diverse and in no particular order.

1. I love the Bivouac Canteen and Bar (Northbridge) , I was instantly transported back to NYC they had a great vibe, the staff were very personable and friendly, it’s just the best concept and I was only there for dessert. 2. Little Sisto (Scarborough) they do a great breakfast and I love their coffee and the ambiance of the place. 3. El Publico (Mt Lawley) is up there with the best Mexican I’ve ever had and I have been to the motherland. 4. Jaws sushi train (Perth City) in the city holds a special place in my heart I use to eat there every second Wednesday (pay day) when I was at TAFE in Northbridge, many moons ago. 5. If I’m jonesing noodles I hit up Phi Yen or Saigon Noodle House (Northbridge), they always satisfies my noodle needs.

Breakfast, Little Sisto, Doubleview

Breakfast. Little Sisto, Doubleview.

What do you think makes a good restaurant?

A passion for food and people who love what they do these things directly translate into the whole experience of dining out.


Noodles, Saigon Noodle House, Northbridge

Noodles, Saigon Noodle House. Northbridge.

Where can you see Perth heading over the next ten years in the hospitality scene?

Well I’ve lived here since 1994 (5 years old) and I saw some changes over time but nothing as drastic as the year I was living overseas (2012). I came back this year and I find myself constantly picking my jaw up from the floor at the extreme development that took place in my absence. There is approximately a bajillion places that opened in the past 18 months and I am trying my darndest to get to them all! So if 2012/13 is anything to go by Perth is on the up and up in hospitality however my fear is that the tourism industry may bottom out because the prices are getting out of hand and we won’t be viewed as a travel destination more like a luxury holiday.

Dessert, Bivouac Canteen & Bar, Northbridge

Dessert, Bivouac Canteen. Northbridge.

Name your top five places to drink in Perth.

1. 399 Bar 2. Butterworth Bar 3. Little Creatures 4. Venn 5. The Classroom