Northbridge Brewing Company

Northbridge Brewing Company Beerland

Northbridge Brewing Company Beerland

Northbridge Brewing Company Making its Mark on Perth

Do you need an impressive new drinking and dining experience for your business dinners? Do you need a friendly restaurant for your family meal? How about a late-evening pub? Then, experience Northbridge Brewing Company. Adjacent to the Piazza in Northbridge near San Churro’s and the Piazza.

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For a few years, the popularity has been ongoing for NBC. They brew (on site) Beerland Lager, Beerland Wheat Bear, Beerland Pale Ale, Beerland Dark Mild as well as seasonal varieties. Under the mastery of Ken Arrowsmith, the brewery has the potential to produce up to 150,000 litres annually. These beers will only be available at Northbridge Brewing Company and are served direct from the micro-brewery on site. They also offer other beers and ciders, but with such a variety of site-brewed beers, why not go with their own?

Of course, you can’t just serve beer, so be ready to be impressed with excellent food with a fabulous family atmosphere as well. Northbridge Brewing Company specialize in functions, from weddings and beer-tasting events to team-building and evening corporate beer and cocktail functions. No matter what you have in mind, they can help.

Expect great things from this new micro-brewery, bar and restaurant. It seems clear that Northbridge Brewing Company has what it takes to put their mark on the culinary and Craft Beer map of Perth.

Phone: (08) 6151 6481
44 Lake Street, Northbridge, Western Australia 6003

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