Malcolm Day Best Restaurants and Bars in Perth


Malcolm Day is the Founder & Owner of and on Friday April 26, launched his Blog. Mal’s Blog touches on insights from his life and interesting topics that he has valuable views on. Forward looking to our city, and no stranger to socialising around town, thought an interview regarding Perth’s food and drinks scene would be interesting, insightful & definitely delivered with passion!


What do you like most about food & drinks?

I’m a bit of a health fanatic so I try and eat quite healthy most of the time. I’m not keen on deep fried food (although I love the lightly fried calamari at Funtastico in Subi). I generally don’t eat pastas although love spaghetti marinara sometimes. Most of the time I stick to simple foods like grilled fish or steak but if I’m out with my girlfriend Trace we often get an extra main for the middle (like the gnocchi at é cucina in the city).

I have a passion for red wine and in particular Shiraz from the Barossa in South Australia. My cellar at home has hundreds of bottles of Barossa Shiraz. In summer I often have a glass, or a few, of Chardonnay or SSB with lunch at a restaurant.

Do you cook at home and if yes, what are your favourite dishes to cook?

I don’t cook too often at home as I normally don’t get home during the week until around 7.30pm after the gym. Trace cooks heathy dinners during the week. If I cook at home on the weekends then it’ll be something like a healthy risotto with chilli or a curry or something spicy. I’m pretty good on the BBQ! I actually love cooking but don’t get much time to do it. Tonight I cooked up some roast turkey mince meat balls with some roasted root vegetables and steamed brocollini with olive and truffle oils drizzled over.

What are your top five restaurants at the moment in Perth?

Funtastico, é cucina, Print Hall, Itsara and Fraser’s. I live a couple of hundred metres from Fraser’s and know Chris Taylor (part owner and head chef) so love being able to just wander up to Fraser’s where Chris looks after me really well.



Malcolm with his girlfriend, Trace.

What do you think makes a good restaurant?

A good range of food (with generous size helpings), a decent wine list that includes some aged South Australian Shiraz, a great atmosphere, not too noisy, good service without being OTT, the right ambience and a good host.

Where can you see Perth heading over the next ten years?

I’m looking forward to seeing Perth City evolve especially with the Elizabeth Quay development and the sinking of the railway that will see the city and Northbridge come together. Also with more residential apartments being developed in the city this should bring more restaurants, cafes and upmarket bars. I’m hoping that we get a few more cool coffee shops in the city that stay open on the weekends and at night. Living in Kings Park allows me to walk into the city regularly so I’m loving my accessibility right now.

Name your top five places to drink out and about in Perth.

Lost Society and Malt (as I know Dino and Tony T well), Gold Bar (as I know Victoria and Adam well), Print Hall and the Terrace Hotel (it’s a 5 minute walk from home).