Jade-Lori Haggis, Q+A

Jade-Lori Haggis has been a longtime supporter of The Foodie Hub and to say Jade-Lori loves her cooking is an understatement. The passion displayed in describing her food is fantastic and true to The Foodie Hub style! Jade-Lori is a mother, wife, sings at Malt Supper Club and is Founder & Director of Tizzy Events. Here is a Q+A with Jade-Lori and some photos of her fantastic cooking!

Crepes With smoked salmon, Cream cheese & coriander

What do you like most about food?

Food is fuel for the body yes… BUT we can still be so creative! We can bring people together with a simple meal, we can expand our knowledge of a whole country just by the local palette and produce! All my best get togethers, memories and social events have been breaking bread! Good food and good wine good company and good weather- HEAVEN ON EARTH!!

Christmas Crab Curry- South African family TRADITION!

What are your favourite dishes to cook at home?

1. Crab Curry

2. Homestyle Soup inspired by my mothers cooking!

3. Salad

4. Lasagna ( pasta and sauce made from Scratch)

Chicken breast stuffed with garlic butter and herbs Cambodian Salad

What are your top five restaurants in Perth?

1. The C Restaurant-city (my hubby proposed to me there

2. Punjab- Innaloo

3 Serenade Palace- Warwick best yum cha And cheapest too!!

4. The Break Water- great food! Had our wedding there and our last anniversary before our wedding and tested the menu there. Had many meals there! Great menu atmosphere and service!

And…5., My mum took me to a little Cambodian Restaurant in Duncraig- I love Cambodia and my husband and I have done allot of Humanitarian Work there. We love it so much we went there for out honeymoon- the people the food is AMAZING so to have a restaurant here serving Authentic Cambodian food is- AMAZING!!

King prawn and blue swimmer crab Ravioli with burnt butter sauce

What do you think makes a good restaurant?

Friendly real people who know the menu and who take pride in serving people! Sophistication in the menu and decor mixed with a sense of REAL LIFE and creativity! Classy yet make people feel good when they are there- not like they are beggars… Also the owner will not be someone barking orders over the phone or from their table and bot knowing what is going on in their own business- they will e a great leader- the staff will feel like family and will respect the boss because SHE/HE respects them! I have sadly seen the opposite in many restaurants and venues…A creative decor that reflects a creative enticing menu and good price so that people can still pay their rent!

Many many restaurants in Perth fail here. They serve ok food at not ok prices and the staff treat the customer like second class citizens. eventually fold because they get it so fundamentally wrong!

A good restaurant will be a great well rounded experience- they will have a menu that works all year and seasonal specials. A great decor music, colour palette, good fresh local produce, menu. MANAGEMENT and staff.

Roast Chicken!!!!!!

Name your top five places to drink in Perth.

The Queens, in summer The Conservatory Roof Top The Breakwater The Mexican Kitchen- a Fishbowl shared with my closest girlfriends… The Ellington Jazz Club in between my sets when Luke makes me a surprise cocktail 😉

Making Gnocchi with my son!