Guzman y Gomez Northbridge

Guzman y Gomez Northbridge



  • Guzman y Gomez Northbridge opened 31 January 2013 at 87 James St.
  • From 11am-8pm on opening day, the only food served was Burrito’s.
  • Tradition is Burrito’s are free at all GYG openings.
  • This is the 22nd GYG in Australia and the 1st in WA.

  • At the opening, Guzman y Gomez Northbridge aimed to exceed the record held for the most amount of Burrito’s given away in the opening day – held by VIC at 4,806.
  • 4,372 Burrito’s given out for free. At an average of $11.90 per Burrito that is $52,026.80 retail cost.

  • Steven Marks travels to the opening of every GYG. On this occasion, he had an 8am flight to New York from Perth – 12 hours after he finished his duties at 8pm when the Free Burrito’s ended.

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6.9 / 10 stars