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If you are ready to celebrate the delights of the palate, then it is time to dine at Garrison in Albany. Put together by people passionate about food who are dedicated to every detail, your senses will be tingling here.

Start your meal with the section called “Little Beginnings” featuring delicacies like White anchovies en croute, Parisienne baguette and Normandy butter, or simply the house salad. This is just the start of your gastronomic explosion.Next, you have the “Beginnings” with Albany Rock Oysters, Toasted Hazelnut and Chicken Risotto or Salmon Parfait served with “textures of beetroot”. For the vegetarian, there is a Blue cheese, pear and candied walnut salad with red onion relish. Keep going to the “Middlings.” One main dish is Rare breed pork belly, with sides of butternut puree and chorizo sticks. Other options include flank of beef, braised and pressed lamb, as well as the local fish of the day. Truffle and Albany Oyster Mushroom Crepes will appeal to the vegetarian. Finish your meal with one of the “Endings.” Pecan pie may sound typical until it’s matched with caramel popcorn, popcorn ice cream and marshmallow caramel puree! Other options include pineapple cheesecake, vanilla panna cotta, and baked apple, each served in a unique and delightful way.


It is clear that no matter what the occasion, Garrison will delight the tastebuds and live up to every expectation.


8.2 / 10 stars