Divido Mount Hawthorn

Divido Mount Hawthorn

Divido Mount Hawthorn Back to Balkan is a series of food nights put on by the highly awarded Divido restaurant in Mount Hawthorn. Essentially it is to showcase the Greek, Macedonian and Croatian influences that occupy their kitchen and they are passionate about. Owners/operators Elena Serra and Jason Jujnovich recently returned from a trip to Croatia and have been inspired for some time by the refreshing and delectable range of food on offer in the Balkans.


The Balkans is  is a geographical and cultural region of South East Europe.  Their passion for Balkan food transpires through their “Back to Balkan” Nights. “Back to Balkan 3” is scheduled for August 21 and 22 at Divido Restaurant. The Foodie Hub attended the previous Back to Balkan night in June 2013 and the food from the night is documented below.  In the event you are not one of the lucky ones that secure a booking in August (the value of the night is compelling) they also have “Back to the Balkan 4” scheduled in for October so like Jason’s Facebook page or keep tabs on their website to remain updated.


7.9 / 10 stars


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