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Deliciously Fitt is a new Australian based company located in Subiaco that offers a range of innovative, practical and stress-free lifestyle programs and services to improve the overall health and general well being of an individual.

The philosophy behind the company is far from introducing yet another fad diet to society, but to offer lifestyle programs that complement an individual’s existing habits and routines.

Katherine Iscoe

Dr Katherine Iscoe, Founder and Director of Deliciously Fitt

Katherine (also known as Dr Kat) has been fortunate to live internationally and travel extensively throughout her years. As a result, her inborn love of gastronomy flourished. After her graduation from an international high school in Rome, where she earned the Board of Trustees Medal for the highest scholastic achievement, she worked at some of Toronto’s top rated restaurants. Soon after she launched a restaurant and catering company at only 20 years of age. Katherine has always highly been physically active in sports and recreational activities. Her desire to learn more about this area launched her career as an academic. She currently holds a Bachelor in Kinesiology and Health Sciences, a Masters in Exercise Physiology and Endocrinology, and a doctorate in Exercise Physiology and Health Sciences. These degrees follow a long list of top-ranking international and Australian scholarship and fellowship awards, several publications in top scientific journals, and short-listed for the Australian National Seed Award for her work in promoting physical activity in persons with type 1 diabetes. During her academic career, she has worked with some of the world’s top ranked athletes, developed fitness and nutrition programs for all ages and fitness levels, and appeared as a guest expert on Canadian television. Katherine works as a lead researcher in health and sports sciences at the University of Western Australia while also managing her creation, Deliciously Fitt, an online, educational initiative that teaches individuals how to actually enjoy being healthy.


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Nadine Amesz, Managing Director

Nadine has been involved in the fitness industry as both a coach and competitor for nearly 20 years. Her experience in working with others to improve their health, fitness and athletic skills in various sectors and sports, started at the age of 12 when she coached Nipper’s Netball Under 12’s and Boy’s Under 14’s Basketball teams for multiple seasons. Growing up on a farm in Denmark (WA), Nadine has always lead an active lifestyle, and enjoys the outdoors for mixing up her training regime. She has played state level netball and basketball in Western Australia and Victoria, Australian Rules Football for Regional WA, and has always had a love for ball sports and athletics. After suffering a knee injury in 2003, Nadine started exploring weight lifting and strength training. This lead Nadine to compete in fitness and sports modelling shows where has won INBA Victorian Overall Sports Model and Novice Figure competitions. With her passion for health and fitness, it was a natural progression for Nadine to become a personal trainer. She has worked with all ages ranging from as young as 7 to as mature as 80 years old. More recently Nadine has been assisting clients with training programs and nutrition plans specifically for competition preparation. Circuit training for functional fitness, customised strength and conditioning training programs and healthy eating lifestyle plans are Nadine‘s specialties and the base of her work at Deliciously Fitt.


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What is Deliciously Fitt?

Deliciously Fitt was founded on Dr Kat’s three primary principles – if you eat well, exercise regularly and nourish your mind you will live a very happy and extremely rewarding life.

Using these principles, Deliciously Fitt offers services relevant to each principle in order to achieve the overall goal of living life to the fullest.

These services include:

• Cook Yourself Sexy includes the latest in nutrition practices and healthy cooking recipes and techniques.

• Sweat Yourself Sexy offers practical education and programming to increase physical health and fitness.

• Love Yourself Sexy provides psychological support programs and well-being practices to more effectively reach health, fitness and other life goals

The Foodie Hub attended Deliciously Fitt’s Gluten Free Cooking Class last Saturday – take a tour through the photos: