Co Op Dining East Perth

With culinary specialist Kiren Mainwaring in charge, Co-Op Dining in East Perth is one of the best eateries in Perth and in light of current circumstances. Their five-course menu is next-level stunning, with an accentuation on wild rummaged sustenances and produce from Western Australian energetic, capable ranchers and little family-run suppliers. All the produce is practical, natural or biodynamic and is obviously, delectable. The ideal unique event eatery.

The proprietors Kiren and Kelli Mainwaring have assembled a sumptuous background to love nourishment in its most normal and moving structure.

Kelli runs the front of house and pours the coordinating wines (numerous from the Great Southern area) and gives you the foundation for a wine and food matching blissful experience.

With respect to the palate pleasing, a marathon in little parts, their degustation is impressive. It is showy. Furthermore, it is classy and quality filled.


The choice changes frequently, as per what produce is in season and what Kiren has been searching for (ask him about the seaweed from the Swan River!), for example, shiitake mushrooms from the Swan Valley or lupins or wattleseed from his property up in Gooseberry Hill to make into pasta sheets.

Our dining experience started like all banquets ought to – with Kiren’s hand crafted breads and spread that he’d beaten that morning. Great standard.

At that point came a progression of charming dishes: rich smooth air-dried pork with the shiitake mushrooms, a dish that featured two globulous sous-vide egg yolks and smoked pear, an assiette of natural root vegetables and some lupin tofu, which Kiren had made himself by pounding the lupin.

After a half-time sacred meander around the eatery, we sat again for the peak of the night: open-range natural pork, served on a delightful rural clay dish with Kiren’s extraordinary pasta sheets produced using wattleseed.

As he poured the consomme, he clarified the pounding procedure. You must be an energetic gourmet expert to pick your own particular wattleseed.


There was level headed discussion about whether that was the best dish or the accompanying one – a fragment of unfenced goose bosom with little circles of saffron gnocchi. Yum.

As though to demonstrate there was more in his tank, Kiren then conveyed his own particular honeycomb on a delectably greasy bit of moderate cooked, milk-encouraged sheep. Firing on all cyliners now.

Clearly when feasting in an eatery of this quality one doesn’t “do” just pastry. One does a pre-dessert.

What’s more, this one – a macaron with tomato and red pepper – was a charming appetizing sweet antecedent to the primary demonstration of dim chocolate log, Albany blueberries and basil frozen yogurt with a dried basil leaf.

With everything taken into account, it was an impeccable consummation. Got a special occasion and love you food and drinks? Get down and support Kiren & Kelli who support from pasture to plate.


8.1 / 10 stars